Mandatory Play Rules

UpdatedTuesday May 3, 2016 byAmy Grosso.


Every team will have 2 mandatory play counters. Each team will have a mandatory play form available and it must be signed. Players found not getting to complete MPR automatically start the next game with double the mandatory plays. They will not be removed from the game until all plays are complete.

· MPR minimum number of plays:

Team Size: 16 – 25 players = 10 plays

26 – 30 players = 8 plays

31 – 35 players = 6 plays

· Number of plays is based on the number of players eligible, dressed and ready to play at the start of the game.

· Kickoffs, kickoff receiving, will not be counted towards fulfilling the MPR. This applies to both teams on the field during these plays.

· Plays which result in a penalty which then results in the play being replayed (with or without loss of down) will not be counted toward the MPR.

· Plays used to “run out the clock”, such as the quarterback dropping to a knee upon the snap of the ball, will not be counted toward the MPR.

· These rules apply to all regular season, playoffs and super bowl games within the Central Mass Youth Football and Cheer Conference, Regional and National playoff game rules will differ somewhat.

· Only CMYFCC approved MPR form will be used.

· All players who have not completed their MPR by the end of the third (3 rd ) quarter, must be put in at the beginning the forth (4th) quarter and remain in the game until they have received their required number of plays.

· When a team has completed the MPR, the monitor will have the head coach sign the form in the

appropriate location. The monitor will also sign it in the proper location. The head coach is responsible for turning in the MPR to their Association President/Conference Rep.

· Failure to comply will result in one (1) game suspension for the head coach, and association may be fined as set in the Rules, section 20. A second offense will result in suspension of the head coach from the CMYFCC, and the association fined as set forth in article 16, section 20, and no appeal.


· Be sure your MPR monitors are familiar with the MPR rules.

· Have your monitors present at the game weighin to note any ineligible player.

· Have your head coach assign one of the assistant coaches to work with the opposing team’s monitor who is on your sideline. It is to your benefit to assist them.

· Prefill the MPR form by jersey numbers in numerical order.

· Make the monitor aware when substitutions are made and give them the jersey numbers.

In bad weather, make sure the MPR sheet is protected. If the MPR sheet is requested for any reason by the CONFERENCE only the originals (no photocopy, fax or email) will be accepted. It must be legible and have appropriate signatures and telephone numbers.